Sunrise Destination Wedding – Naxos, Greece

15th September 2017 –  Sunrise Destination Wedding – Naxos, Greece
It was a beautiful and warm early morning. For most of the people, it was the very first day of school.But for us, it was one of the most beautiful days in our life and it was exactly how WE dreamed it: simple, yet romantic, colourful and peaceful, with lots of joy and free of stress.
07:15 a.m
The sun began to rise above Chora’s empty streets…the air was salty and I could feel the breeze playing in my hair.As the light began to paint the sea with it’s golden pink colours, the Deputy, along with our dear friends from Naxos, whom got to be our witnesses, were approaching…
So nervous and happy in the same time. All those mixed feelings…like a cocktail molotov of LOVE.
07:30 a.m was OUR time! 
There we were: with just a few friends, with Portara and the sea in the background…when suddenly we’ve heard:“Από τη στιγμή αυτή πού ενωθηκατε με την ελεύθερη συναίνεση σας σε γάμο, οφείλετε αμοιβαία αγάπη, πίστη και σεβασμό για όλη σας τη ζωή!…”
 …and then he looked me in the eyes and smiled, I grabbed his hands and then, a tear began to fall on my cheek, and then another one…In that moment, the time stood still and the sun was rising just for usit was dreamyit was magical!
Είπαμε Ναι!
Thank you very  to Mariangela and George, from Naxos Eye Weddings (for planning our wedding and for taking care of every single detail), to our dear friend Michele, who got to capture Our Special Day, to Mr. Dimitri Lianos for the ceremony, to our friends and family for supporting us and least but not last, to our dear friends, Giorgos and Eleni, for making us the honour to be our witnesses! We will always cherish Our Special Sunrise and Naxos will always have a special place in our hearts! 
Wedding Planners: Naxos Eye Weddings
Photography: Michele Witteveen, Stefan Fekete Photography
Ceremony location: Portara, Naxos Island
Dinner party: Flamingo Restaurant
Accommodation: Korali Garden Hotel
Dress: Hand made in Greece by Free Style
Shoes: Pagonis Greek Sandals
Flowers: handmade with love by the bride
Rings: Handmade at Aperito Naxos
Groom’s outfit: Terranova
Groom’s bow tie: custom made by Papionette Cluj

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