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  • Naxos Wedding Photographer - Naxos Wedding Photography Greece - Naxos Beach Wedding - Greece Beach Wedding

Mihaela and Andrei – Elopment Wedding in Naxos Greece

This blog post is very special to us.

Take a sit, it’s going to be looong. In the mean time, sip a cup of tea and let us tell you why…

Mihaela and Andrei are two of our best friends, ever since highschool.
At first it was only her and then, along came him 🙂

When we decided to elope and get married in Greece, they were the only people that knew about us.

They were very excited for us and we were very happy, that we’ve inspired them to elope with us, on Naxos. They were togheter for several years and they both wanted something very intimate for their wedding.

We just love it when we meet people that share the same belifes with us.

And if you are planning a wedding soon, let us give you a piece of advice: you don’t have to do your wedding like everybody does it. YOU are unique, there is no reason to hold back on what YOU like, for your Wedding Day.
This is a once in a lifetime event and you should do it, just the way YOU (and nobody else) want!
In the end, it’s your wedding, not theirs. If you can dream it, you can do it!

Ok! Now getting back to our story (hope your tea does’t got to cold)

We were going to be in Naxos for a whole month! Whoo-hoo! What a joy!

Mihaela and Andrei, made both the Civil Ceremony and the Church Ceremony, there.

The scenery for the Civil Ceremony was like a painting by Pantelis Zografos.
It was held in a little and beautiful bay, at the end of Agia Anna beach, with a view on Paros island and the sea, in the background.

It was early in the morning, as we have recommended them – better light and less people on the beach. You’re welcome for that 🙂

The sky was blue, the sea was calm, the silence was only broken when little taxi boats, were passing by, decorating the sea with their orange colour.

Oh, and we didn’t told you about the little church from the hill, right next to the bay. One of the prittiest from Naxos.
Here, I had to do my duties as a Godmother and Stefan was by his own. And yes, I’ve droped a tear. Ok, maybe a few more. But they were tears of happiness, seing my best friend getting married, in such special place.

Because we had only one day in between our Wedding Ceremonies, we decided to celebrate together, along with some friends from the island, with a special dinner, at one of our favourite restaurants from Naxos, Flamingo Restaurant. It has Greek live music, every evening, very good food and super friendly staff.

We have ended our night with lots of wine and dancing, broken plates, a wedding dance, a very nice surprise cake and lots of beautiful memories.

Mihaela and Andrei, thank you very much for giving us the honor to be both your wedding photographers and your Goodparents!

May you live a beautiful love story and may we celebrate the first aniversary, all together, in beautiful Naxos, next year!

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