Dimitra and Yiannis – 100% Greek Wedding on Naxos Island, Greece

It’s our third time in Naxos and it feels so good to be back. Meeting old friends and making new friends, always a great experience. Every time we go back home, we leave a pice of our hearts here, in this magical place. But, we also take with us, beautiful memories of the lovely people we have meet.

Dimitra and Giannis, are two of them.

Dimitra and Giannis’s wedding day, on Naxos island, one of the biggest weddings we ever attended and the first to be 100% greek.

Dimitra had a very beautiful and special, embroidery hand made, wedding dress, by Zoolotas!One of our favorite dresses, ever!

The party took place at their private villa, Archeon Kalos. A dreamy location, which we are sure that anyone who set’s foot on it, doesn’t want to leave. The estate was designed by Dimitra’s beautiful and talented mother, Maria, which you can find at the Epavlis shop, on Naxos island.

Dreaming of an island house, designed by her!

Ευχαριστούμε πολύ για όλου, for allowing us to be a part of your day!

Especially to our friend, Michele, for giving us the opportunity to work with her (always fun) and to experience an 100% greek wedding. We will never forget it!

Δήμητρα και Γιάννης, να ζήσετε ευτυχισμένοι

Vendors :

Venue: Archaion Kallos Private Villa Estate
Bride’s dress: Atelier Zolotas
Flowers: Zantzos Design
Cake: Aktaion Dessert Shop
Horse Carriage: Amaxa Kostas
Videography: Island Videography
Photography: Stefan Fekete, Andrada Dumitriu, Michele Witteveen

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